0d99059a-1202-4c19-b148-8b8f8ea6724dAre you an internet marketer and would wish to improve your marketing skills? Then, the UnGagged UNconvention to be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is the best IM conference to attend. Though internet marketing has mushroomed in the recent years due to evolution of technology, it is a challenging task since technology keep changing day in day out. Informed by this fact, internet marketers need to keep themselves updated with the latest technique to emerge victorious in internet marketing. This forms the basis for organization of conferences to share ideas on the best approach to market their products online.

SEO conference scheduled on 15th to 17th November is one of the best IM Conferences. It is set to be unique in that all the information that will shared without any restriction. There will no censorship of any bit of information delivered. This will allow the participants to tap into raw unrestricted SEO insights from experienced experts. It is a unique conference as all other conferences had some restrictions.

The choice of November is very deliberate as it will be during the peak season of summer in Las Vegas. This will ensure that the participants of the conference will also enjoy the warm serene atmosphere as well as make a visit to various tourist destinations.

0b830937-2421-4bac-9984-04e3a3779c24You should consider attending this conference as it is very affordable. Its standard tickets go for $995 while discounted ones for those who will book earlier go for $599. The hotel rooms are also very affordable as the organizers have agreed with hotel owners to subsidize the cost. To encourage more internet marketers to attend, those who will attend as a group will pay cheaper as they will be exempted from accommodation fees. This also applies to the lucky few who will be offered the special offers.

Being the best IM Conference, it has brought on board a number of experienced experts as speakers. These speakers have excelled using different techniques to do internet marketing. Since the deliberations will not be censored, all the participants stand a chance to tap the raw unrestricted insights which will enable them to modify their techniques to emerge the very best. Among some of fearless and provocative leaders in attendance are;

  • Jacob Hagberg who is an experienced marketers and has earned a lot of income by offering SEO services
  • Matthew Woodward who has a rich experience as he started doing internet marketing at a tender age

The conference will run simultaneously with an exhibition as different organizations showcase their marketing techniques. This allows comparison as well as blending to come up with a unique product to do marketing with.

0dcba308-2160-4ee7-8d8e-3689cfc8fa3fAmong the very many skills to learn in this conference is how to create traffic to your website or a blog. This is the foundation principle in internet marketing. Several techniques have emerged out of similar conferences. Some of them include the use of social media platforms such as facebook and twitter to popularize your website and writing SEO articles for the same purpose. Some of the speaker boasts of having highly trafficked websites and will be sharing on how to achieve this.

Truly, this SEO convention is the best IM conference in 2014. Don’t be left out. Book now!


Business Ideas To Make Money Online

0cb03238-9ce1-4dae-bf36-2fb23ffd01c4If you spend some time surfing the internet you will surely find many different online business ideas. Just like anything else, there is going to be so much information available but the problem is knowing which information to ignore and which to listen; here are six basic online business ideas which you will come across online.


With this idea you will be required to setup a website in some type of niche. You can then put adverts on this website that are related to the niche info you have based it around. A very important factor in this idea is to make sure that you get your target right otherwise you are just going to annoy people who come to your website by trying to advertise them things that are completely not related to their needs; this is a basic problem and something you should be very careful of before to you even start.


Subscriptions are tremendously scalable and very easy to start. However, there are a few things that you need to consider before starting this type of business model. You need to be certain that whatever you are offering subscription to have good content or else you can get yourself a bad reputation before you even start. In addition, you need to watch the subscriptions in detail and provide technical support for any person that may have difficulties getting access.


With this business idea, you will be required to setup a website that provides some type of services to people who visit. This can be varied from an online gambling website that offers gambling services to people to an online presence for your off-line business. The key difference with the second one is that you can totally automate it so that you use your offline business name to create a different online business or you can use it as an online marketing tool for your offline business.


This business idea is fairly self explanatory; you can create a website where you sell products online. You can either buy these products from a supplier or make your own products; the only difference will be the margin of profit that you make on each one. Additionally, it will take some time to get traction with your own product while others will probably have already created brand awareness.


This business idea can come in two different ways; you can either be a licensor or a licensee. As a licensor, you are the one with the brand name that other people license off you and you get paid an amount based on this. As a licensee, you take someone else’s brand name and use it to market your own products which you will then sell for a premium online.


The commission business model is similar to the products business model but in this category you just market other people’s products and direct them to their site. You are provided with a unique affiliate code so that when anyone buys their item you get paid a commission. In simple terms, you are acting in the same way just like a normal offline salesman on commission.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Marketing of Business Products

4d95d4bc-003a-4fb1-a431-a80a90493c51Why Social Media is good for Business
Social media has revolutionized the way people connect, share information and discover new things. This is the technology which connects people through different social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Businesses today are turning to social media for marketing and promotion of their businesses by building relationships that share information online. There are different reasons why you should consider putting your business on these sites for social media marketing.

Social media allows you to get feedback about your products. Feedback is a tool that helps businesses makes strategic decisions. Customers in social media always share information about their experiences in using a product. The more information a business can gather from social media as feedback is very powerful in improving their products and services to the customers.

Social media can improve the reputation and the integrity of your business. Your customers will definitely leave testimonies in your business fan page about your excellent products. This is a powerful tool to potential customers who would wish to experience the same. The testimonies will increase the reputation of your business and its integrity which will allow you to grow through increased new customers.

Social media allows a business owner to connect and communicate with clients. If your business is in social media, people will be talking about it. Some will have comments and others will have questions. This is a gold mine for you to communicate with the clients. Engage with them and take part in such conversations and show your followers that you are available for their needs. This will help you get your products recommended by your followers to their friends. This is a productive move since many people are likely to take their friends’ recommendations than you since they perceive their friends’ recommendations as genuine while yours may be perceived as ordinary marketing. Make your followers recommend you widely through improved communication.

3c58e63f-8c80-4080-be9f-40d1676d8e0fSocial media gives you a platform to showcase your services or products to a wide audience. It is very easy to share information on social media through pictures. As such, you can take pictures of the products you wish to promote and post them on different social networks. The pictures will reach many people especially when your followers share the pictures with their friends.

Businesses are selling their products online. Social media allows you to set up selling platforms where customers are allowed to buy your products. You can perform this by including a ’buy now’ button below the product. This will reduce your operational and manpower since most transactions do not require physical or manual handling.

A business should have a website which has a showcase of all the information about the business and the product and services offered. Social media acts as a tool for increasing traffic into the website. This can be done by nurturing the customers who are already your followers in social media. If the followers are very convinced about the quality of the products and feel appreciated, they are more likely to share information about it to their friends. With the enhanced network, more people are likely to share posts about your products with a link to your website where potential customers are opened to a wide range of products to choose from. This strategy can lead to increased customer base which will in turn grow the business.

Understanding search engine optimization

2d043714-35f2-4e24-91ed-3a320d43fcd1Have you ever wondered how Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines are able to suggest results that match your search criteria? For instance, when you type in “pizza” on Google, instead of the search engine leading you to a Wikipedia page that explains what pizza is or the different varieties of pizza available, your search page result are of pizza joints within your vicinity. Search engine optimization or SEO, is the process of making sure that a website is properly formatted and edited (with keyword placements) to ensure website visibility. This is by making sure that the search engine spiders (virtual robots that periodically grab websites for indexing) find the keywords that they use to index pages per subject on your website. This helps pages rank higher on specific “keywords,” and makes sure that websites with authority information on a specific subject rank and appear on the first search page when a user searches for that topic.

A keyword is the information you type in when searching for information on the internet. For example, if you are searching for sports shoes, you might type in “the best sports shoes” the search engine that you are using (we all love different search engines) will recognize that you are interested in sports shoes and thus display the best results for that keyword. However, how do certain website rank better (first search page) in search engine results while others do not rank so well? This is where SEO comes in.

Unlike in the development stages of the web when search engines used Meta tags to index pages, today; search engines use mathematical algorithms. Part of the reason for this change is because the Meta tags method of indexing was widely abused by SEO practitioners who used black and white hack tricks to ensure that their site are indexed faster and rank better in keyword searches, despite the fact that they are not authority sites that offer useful information related to the keyword search.

2e916541-df3b-49d0-9d19-7386471b609bThe main reason behind SEO is driving traffic to a website (traffic is the number of visitors per site). The more traffic a website has the more likely it is to attract advertisement revenues and offer higher conversion rates if it is an affiliate page. The main criteria that search engine robots use to rank pages are:

  • Content- The title headings and the number of times a keywords is used on the site.
  • Authority- Does the site offer authority information or good content on the specific subject.
  • User experience- How easy is it to navigate around your website.
  • Performance- How fast is your website and is it proper operating order (no broken links)

SEO is very useful when marketing your business or looking for worldwide visibility for your brand or product. To optimize your page for SEO there are a number of things that you should do:

  • Optimize all your page title tags- Every page on your website should have a unique title tag. For SEO purposes, your title tags should be 70 characters long (this is including spaces) contain the main keywords and be compelling and informative to promote click through.
  • Have compelling and informative Meta tags- Meta tags are the page descriptions that tell the used what information they should expect when they click on the website link.
  • Build internal links- This is where you create interconnected links on your page. This helps the search engine robots find content on your website easily and thus index your page faster.

The Keenly Anticipated Internet Marketing Event of 2014, Ungagged 2014

1c7a6232-637b-4024-bcc0-f4afbbca276bInternet Marketing Conferences and meet ups happen throughout the year and 2014 is no different. As far as IM Conference 2014 distribution across the year is concerned, the months of February, March and April saw a number of conferences happening throughout the United States. After a bit of lull, the months of September and October would see high profile internet marketing conferences happening in different cities across the country. Internet Marketing Conferences to be held in the next few months of 2014 September 2014

  1. Content Marketing World from 8th to 11h of September at Cleveland Ohio
  2. Call to Action Conference in Vancouver Canada on 12th September.
  3. Inbound Marketing 2014 from 15th to 18th September at BostonOctober 2014
  4. Content Marketing C3 at New York City from 8th to 9th of October 2014
  5. DigiMarcon at Miami, Florida from the 18th to 23rd of October 2014.
  6. Digital Marketing Association Conference at San Diego California from the 25th to 30th of September 2014

November 2014

  1. UnGagged 2014 from the 15th of November to 17th of November 2014 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Much Anticipated event of Ungagged 2014 This is the inaugural edition of the ungagged conference on the subject of search engine optimization. The event is sponsored by the Black hat world and is slated to start on November 15th Saturday and end on 17th November 2014. Key Conference Topics and Speakers   3c58e63f-8c80-4080-be9f-40d1676d8e0fSaturday 15th November 2014

  1. Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing would be giving the key note address.
  2. Break out session by Joe Sinkwitz on the topic “Blackhats make the best whitehats”.
  3. Breakout Session by Len Foley on the subject of “Building a white hat company with a black hat attitude”
  4. Break Out Session on “How to build a 6 figure blog” by Mathew Woodward, award winning Internet marketing blogger.
  5. Breakout Session on “A deep dive in to the search of Bots” by Rami Essaid
  6. Break Session on “How to earn 5 figures per month with Mobile apps” by Mark Ress, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

  Key Topics and Speakers on Sunday 16th November 2014  

  1. Break Out Session on the topic of “SEO Mistakes that you are making without even knowing about it” by Jacob Hagberg
  1. Break Out Session on the topic of “Making a persuasive Copy” by Brian Massey, a reputed Conversion scientist 
  1. Session on “Winners, Losers and which Sites make more money” by Luke McCormack, Business Manager at Flippa

  0eac4684-7384-41c3-9caa-e67d742b9491Exhibition as part of Ungagged 2014 In addition to listening to the various topics presented by experts in internet marketing subject areas, as a participant one can also exhibit their innovative solutions on all the three days of the event. This exhibition will be happening along with the main conference. As an exhibitor at this inaugural IM Conference 2014, one would be able to get access to an exclusive group of Internet marketers who are looking for the latest solutions available in the SEO market place. Solution Providers interested in exhibiting their solutions can get in to the online portal of ungagged by following the link and fill up the exhibitor application form to get the exhibitor pack.   Venue for Ungagged 2014 Caesar’s Palace located at the west end of the Las Vegas strip would be the venue for the meeting and the exhibition. Participants who confirm their booking for the event now are given attractive discounts on their stay at Caesar’s Palace. Participants booking through the early bird registration would be getting as much as flat 40% discount on the accomodation rates at Caesar’s Palace. Early bird bookers would be provided with an early bird full pass that will enable them to attend all the presentations that are part of this three day event.

How to Make Money Online – 5 Ways to Earn Online Without Spending a Dime

3f00d5ba-68a3-437e-b18a-fb0acee91365The internet is arguably one of the best things to have ever come into existence, and one of the huge benefits the internet has to offer is the posibility of making money online all from the comfort of your home. A lot of successful online marketers have given up their day jobs, and are now earning a decent income online.

But making money online goes far beyond just grabbing your mouse and keyboard, with the hope that money will start flying out from your computer. Before you can decide you want to make money online, you will need the first research a method that works and is proven to earn you money if you commit time and resources to it.

One of the most exciting things about online money making is that it has a low point of entry. While there are programs that require some form of monetary investment up front, there are several others you can lay your hands on all for free. If you are really looking for how to make money online, here are some routes you can take, and the best part is that it is absolutely cost free.

1. Freelance writing

Online freelance writing is a good way to make money without much hassle, and for free. If you know how to research and write articles on various topics, then you can make good money by offering to write content for bloggers, webmasters and internet marketers. You can either contact them directly through the ‘contact us’ link on their sites, or create a social media profile just to showcase your writing skills. Prospective clients may also ask to see your past work.

4db6bac2-3169-41c2-b560-7e88b10107b62. Online surveys

Getting paid to take surveys online is another good way to earn some money without spendind any money. A lot of big companies are ready to pay you for filling out simple surveys just to say what you feel about their services or products. The feedback from the surveys are used for further research to improve the companies. A quick search online for ‘paid surveys’ will give you a better insight.

3. Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing has to do with refering paying customers to purchase a product or service from a website through a unique url which is your affiliate link. When people go to that website through your affiliate link and buy from that site you get paid a commision which is a certain percentage of the cost of the sale. There are two forms of affiliate programs; pay per sale (which requires the visitor to buy something), and cost per action (only requires the visitor to fill out a simple form).

4. Paid to post forums

some online forums and discussion boards are ready to pay you for contributing and adding value to their community. Once registered, these forums pay you for every quality post you make, or for every valuable thread you start. The earnings per post are not much but if you have plenty of time to spare each day, you can earn some decent cash over time.

4cbb1e8c-5daa-4b3d-bcba-4c66c43561455. Make money on micro job sites

These days, there are lots of micro job sites you can join and offer your services for a small amount. An example of such a site is On fiver you can offer to perform any service (also called gig) for just $5. You can offer services ranging from writing, design, singing, giving video testimonials, and so on.

Finally, any of the above methods can make you money online without you having to invest any money. All you need to do is take action.

Why SEO People Should Attend the Upcoming BHW Conference?

3c295d0d-29c5-4b85-9bf1-2286f3903148The first annual BHW conference is all set to begin this fall and is said to be a real treat for all SEO fanatics. Many websites are promoting the event with all the necessary information about the event. However, there are still many concerns regarding the event and people are in a dilemma whether or not to spend their hard-earned money on this event. For those who are wondering about the event, there is no need to worry as it is an Ungagged event and is full of advantages. BHW conference is the best way to learn the tricks of SEO right from the experts and one could garner more information in a single place than months of online surfing.

The Ungagged event is a great place to exchange valuable information with other professionals in the SEO industry. You will mingle like minded people in the event and realize you are not the only one passionate about SEO. This is an ideal way to create and build networks with other professionals. Networking is an important part of the SEO industry, as you may need help from others when you are in trouble with your SEO techniques. Since, the industry is comparatively smaller, creating relationships become more important, as you will be facing problems more often than not especially when you are new in SEO.

Many  bundle of US 100 dollars bank notesIt is not easy to create and maintain relationships with relevant people because you have to be in contact with them regularly. Here, business cards should come to your rescue. These are a common way to be in touch with relevant people and you will see many people exchanging their business cards when you attend events like these. Hence, you should also look to do that with other relevant people and send out as many many business cards as possible.

One way to maximize your gain from the event is to stay until the end of the event. As you stay longer, you get to meet as many significant people as possible in the industry. If you have any questions, feel free and ask them. By doing this, you are not only exchanging your thoughts on SEO, but also building your relationship with them. If they found you and your thoughts interesting, they will most likely build a long-term relationship with you. You should consider it as an added bonus.

4bf0eb7a-c95d-4aa3-b1c0-050a895126f9Another benefit of attending events like this is that you can learn more than surfing in the web. Since the lecturers are the experts in this field, there will be no limits on what they can say or they can show. They will have their own tips and tricks that you will not find on the web. These conferences tend to have discussion groups where they discuss the challenges one faces in the industry and find a suitable solution for it.

People who have attended events like this in the past have said that they become much more confident as a SEO professional and found an all-new energy in their business activities. It can be safely assumed that the upcoming Ungagged conference will be no different and you will discover new techniques in SEO that you have never known before from this BHW conference.